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A Day in the Life

Yesterday was a big day! My boyfriend participated in a “Day in the Life” at a potential employer and my fingers were (and still are) crossed. We’ve both been searching for jobs for a bit now and it’s about time one (well… both of us) get a job. Yesterday was (hopefully) the big day for him.

As he was doing his day in the life, where he shadowed potential coworkers, I decided to sit down and give you all a look into a day in my life.


I said bye to my boyfriend as he walked into the building he could potentially work at and I went on my way. Just around the corner I spotted the cafe I found on Google that was known for exceptional coffee and pastries – Jane on Fillmore

Guys, this place is awesome. I walked in to a line that was almost to the door, so I automatically knew I was going to love it. I’ve been to a few cafes in my day, so I feel like I can scope out a place like that. 😉 As I waited to place an order I just listened to the sounds of the cafe. People talking about their lives, work, children, their food, their future plans… it made me realize that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and happy to just be. With all this stress of looking for a job and being so far from family (I’m originally from Iowa), I’m thankful when I allow my mind to slow down and take in my surroundings and find joy and happiness where I am.

I also found joy in the Panatea Matcha Latte I ordered at Jane as well as their Honey Hemp bar. 

So tasty and cute latte art!



I sat down at a table upstairs after waiting a few minutes for a spot. I opened up my computer thinking that I’d either apply to more jobs or start writing a blog post. But neither happened. I didn’t find any job openings relevant to my field and my creative juices weren’t yet flowing. So I did what I do when nothing else seems motivating – read. I’ve got several free reading books going at the moment, but I chose to read some news.

I haven’t read a lot of news lately because the  growing issue with unreliable news sources. It really makes the media world less enticing… well, that and all the division created by the media. Interestingly enough, my mom recently sent me a cool diagram to indicate unreliable news sources from reliable, liberal vs. conservative sites, etc. Take a look below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.42.56 AM.png

During my two years of graduate school I was non-stop reading the news from a range of sources. In my opinion it’s okay and honestly important to read neutral, somewhat biased, and extremely biased news. It allows you to see all views on particular issues. Blogs (personal and professional) are also great references.

I read a few articles about the US-Russian relationship and the tentative future of such an integral relationship. Just a heads up, a huge passion of mine since about fifth grade is Russia and the US-Russian relationship. For those of you who know me and are reading, you understand my obsession with this. For all you new readers, you’ll soon come to learn that I enjoy Russian history, the language, the relationship with the US and Russia’s impact on our national security… basically everything Russian. Upcoming blog post?!? *wink wink*.

I’ve read anything and everything I can find on this topic and today I found a great blog, Center for New American Security. There are several experts and researchers that discuss a lot of today’s hot topics – one being the future of the US-Russian relationship. It was my lucky day!! 🙂

Also, if anyone out there has any great news sites or blogs or anything, share them in a comment below! I’m always looking for more things to read and analyze!


After three hours of shadowing my boyfriend pops up from the stairs to greet me and talk about his time at a “Day in the Life”. All I’ll say is that he seemed super stoked and excited about the people and position. So here’s to him getting the job!!

We left the cafe and decided we were both starving! We didn’t want to spend much money, so we left the city, stopped by Whole Foods on Stanyan to say hey to my boyfriend’s friend and then went and got Mexican food to celebrate his day (he got a burrito and I got tacos, mmmmm!) in Pacifica.

Later on that day I sat down to write in my Health and Fitness journal about what I’d eaten and what kind of exercise (if any) I did. This journal is something I began at the beginning of the year as an intention to stay hydrated, continue exercising, practice yoga regularly, and become more aware of what I’m putting into my body. So far it’s been a great success and I love it.

Obviously not from today, but you get the idea 🙂

We were still full from the tacos and burrito that dinner didn’t really happen other than an apple for me and a protein bar for him.

Later on, I was perusing the web for more blog-writing advice and was sent a great article from an Instagram friend. It brought up a lot of great questions to ask myself in order to broaden a topic or come up with more. I felt like this article and the one I brought up a couple days ago are great for me. They have helped me think about brainstorming and think about my life. I know… deep. But, it’s the things I love most that I’ll be talking about and these articles helped bring them to the surface of my mind.

You guys have a lot to look forward to in the coming posts. Get excited!!

The rest of the night the boyfriend and I played jenga with some friends for a few hours. Yes, a few hours. It was that fun to just hang out with awesome people and talk and play jenga.

This was a pretty eventful day. I wanted to practice some yoga, but friend time was just so great that yoga was delayed a day! So tonight I’ll be doing some yoga by Erin Motz (aka the Bad Yogi) and then getting some rest!

P.S. I saw The Princess Bride for the first time a couple days ago… now I understand why it’s a classic and so beloved! I’ll probably be watching it again soon.


Until next time…

“If you took a wrong fork in the road, it’s not progress to keep walking in the wrong direction. It’s progress to turn around and find the right road.” – CS Lewis

(my dad shared that quote with me a couple days ago ❤ )

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. You just watched Princess Bride? Oh my word…that is my FAV movie! I’ve seen it about 20 times and I have a mug that says, “Twoo Wuv Will Fallow you Forever” (from the priest in that movie.) I hope that you find lots of fulfillment out of your days and that your boyfriend finds a job suitable for him!

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  2. Princess Bride is the best, awesome quote from your dad. Great writing Meghan! Love your inspiration about happiness and living in the moment!

    Liked by 1 person

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