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New Years Intentions


It’s the last day of the month of the new year (and almost the first day of February)! Time to talk New Years Intentions! First of all, “intentions“, to me, is a much more positive way of looking at it. I tend to think intentions are intrinsic to oneself and therefore I think we’re more likely to successfully follow through with them. Resolutions, although they are positive in nature, just seem to be focused on the activity or plan rather than ones drive to do it. Intentions give me the freedom to be the best me I can be.

For a lot, they’re hard to stick to – trust me, I’m right there with you! So it’s the last day of January and I’m going to look back and see how I’ve done in the past month.

When I went home for Christmas and the New Year, my mom and I found a good, happy, healthy rhythm. And I found a few intentions I wanted to carry out for this year:

  • eat healthier/simpler
  • do yoga everyday
  • cut down on caffeine/coffee intake (sadly)
  • save money/spend less
  • be more outgoing and social

Being back in California without my parents kitchen and food stash I had to really think about what I’d want to eat and do that’s healthy, simple, and clean.

As far as eating healthier, I have begun to focus on simple and affordable food that I could make last a week or at least a few meals. While I was home, my mom introduced me to an AMAZINGLY AWESOME smoothie, I named it the Green Monster Smoothie! I’m not kidding people – it’ll knock your socks off! PSA: you can find the recipe at the end of this post! (With some pictures to illustrate its majesty)

Also a great way I’ve found to help me eat and be healthier and cleaner is my Healthy Human stein (I got the 40oz size!) and cruiser. I’ve found myself drinking more water to avoid unnecessary snacking and then it really fills me up. I’m quite thankful for that.

Doing yoga every day has turned out to be much easier than I imagined. At the start of the year I was fortunate enough to be home and do a great 10-day yoga challenge put on by Erin Motz, thee Bad Yogi. Since then I’ve done that challenge a second time. And confession, I may not get around to doing a full yoga session each day, BUT I do make time to stretch and find some positions (which includes at least one plank for good measure :P). I also invested in another yoga challenge online from It is a 21-day challenge and I need to (and will) start it, soon!

As for me intending to cut down on my coffee and/or caffeine intake… I’ve done that too! I’m honestly so proud of myself. I worked for Starbucks for 9 years (sometimes off and on throughout college), so that should give you an idea of my relationship with caffeine. 🙂 I’ve focused on finding alternatives to coffee so that I can avoid the sharp drop in energy about 4 hours after I have a cup and decrease the amount of caffeine jitters I get. Alternatives include: Matcha lattes (w/ almond milk), tea lattes (usually earl grey or chai with no added sugars or flavors) also with almond milk, or water. I’ve been on a green tea latte kick lately (aka matcha latte); my boyfriend doesn’t like it so much since he thinks they don’t smell too good. Haha!

Honestly, saving money and spending less is an overarching intention. I’ve easily been achieving that this year. I’m able to make one meal for myself last a week and I make coffee and tea at home, mostly tea ;). I also am trying to lose some weight and add more muscle on, so I’m eating less as well. I don’t cut down a lot of food because I love it too much, but I’m becoming smart about choosing budget and health friendly food this year. Yay!

Being social has been difficult for me since I moved to Silicon Valley. The friends I gained from graduate school in Monterey also moved away from the area like I did, but as far as the east coast. Obviously we still talk, but having no one to hang out with can get kinda rough. So… I signed up to be a part of Women Who Hike. In two months they’re finally having a hike near me! So exciting! I’m stoked to meet some other women who also love to hike and be outdoors and see beautiful landscapes!

In review I seem to be doing pretty well! How’re all of you doing with your New Year Intentions? Be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished up to this point! Stay positive and stay happy!

As promised…

Green Monster Smoothie:                                


  • 1 banana
  • 1-2 cups spinach
  • 1/4 cup almond milk (New Barn is my fav!)
  • 1 cup frozen fruits (I usually do strawberries, mangoes, and blueberries)
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1T hemp seeds
  • 2T powdered chocolate peanut butter (I use Betty Lou’s)
  • 1/3T cocoa powder (I don’t think you can go wrong with any brand)
  • 1/2 scoop Superfood greens (Amazing Greens is great)
  • 1/4 avocado
  • Optional: 2T shredded unsweetened coconut 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 7.48.02 PM.png

Mix it all together!!!!!!

Aaaaaand…. VIOLA! Top with cacao nibs or, my favorite, Trader Joe’s chocolate covered cacao nibs.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 7.48.24 PM.png

Until next time…

“Happiness is not ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama


One thought on “New Years Intentions

  1. I’m glad and envious that you’re getting out there with the Women who Hike group! Sounds like a great way to meet new friends and I’m super jealous of all the awesome sights you’re going to get to see out there on the Pacific Coast!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful, positive friend and encouraging me to get outside my apartment and my funk and go hike that mountain behind my house. I followed it up with one of my favorites (dumpling soup) for dinner and a mango smoothie for dessert. (Cold weather be darned, I have a limited amount of time left in Korea and I’m gonna frequent my favorite haunts around town, gosh dangit!)

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